Healthcare integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) on Microsoft Azure

patientcare powered by Azure app logics
We are Microsoft’s global go-to partner for healthcare integration on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Logic Apps, and Microsoft BizTalk.  Our cloud-native healthcare iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service) quickly facilitates patient engagement, collaborative care, and healthcare analytics.
About 10-15 percent of healthcare providers in Canada rely on our healthcare integration platform either on-premise or in the cloud, on Microsoft Azure, to power healthcare innovation and healthcare interoperability.
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Key Immediate Benefits of Corolar Cloud

Improve patient engagement with Dapasoft

Patient Engagement

Corolar Cloud enables patient engagement in healthcare by simplifying integration of systems and data. We integrate HL7 data on MLLP in the cloud with and best-of-breed SaaS apps. Our cloud connectors easily and quickly integrate EHR systems like EPIC, Cerner, Meditech to SaaS apps.
improve collaborative care with Azure

Collaborative Care

Corolar Cloud supports collaborative care by offering any to any data and protocol integration to healthcare providers, payors, and app developers. Current cloud connectors provided include HL7 v2.x and v3, XML, JSON, C-CDA, CDA, Flat files, and FHIR for integrating with any on-premise and cloud HIS.
POP health analytics with Azure

Pop Health Analytics and BI

Corolar Cloud enables health analytics with our efficient cloud clinical data platform to support your Clinical Data Repository/Warehouse. Our end to end integration capability allows us to easily collate and normalize clinical data in real-time for your health analytics needs.
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Cloud Healthcare iPaaS for Interface Lifecycle Management

Interface lifecycle management removes waste from the healthcare integration by getting rid of ad hoc processes. You’ll be able to do more with less, and as a result, drive patient engagement, collaborative care, pop health analytics, and other innovative interoperability needs. With Corolar Cloud your healthcare interoperability projects’ will see faster time to value.

With Corolar Cloud analysts’ can easily manage the integration lifecycle compared to coding developer-centric integration platforms. Corolar Cloud gives you greater control over the entire integration lifecycle.

click and drag healthcare interface design on Azure


Corolar Cloud has a clean and familiar UI to easily design, deploy, and manage HL7 interfaces for clinical data integration.  Whether you are a SaaS vendor looking to HL7-enable your cloud healthcare app, or a healthcare provider looking to reduce the cost associated with b2b healthcare integration, Corolar Cloud’s simple and intuitive point-and-click configuration interface enables legacy healthcare systems to easily integrate with best of breed healthcare mobile and SaaS apps.
Eaisly deploy healthcare interfaces on Azure


Deploying your robust HL7 interface for your interoperability is simple with Corolar Cloud. Our inline end to end interface testing provision makes it easy to test and fix design issues without any programming. Corolar Cloud is the only Azure native healthcare iPaaS that makes it a breeze to deploy your healthcare integrations on Azure. We reduce the complexity of provisioning Azure resources to test, deploy, and move your clinical data integrations into production in the cloud.
easily measure and manage all interfaces


Corolar Cloud is designed to reduce interface management complexity for lean healthcare IT organizations. We do this providing a configurable role-based dashboard and control centre. To simplify manageability we provide configurable notifications and alerts so that you can set and forget interfaces. The alerts and notifications are driven off our built in logging system that tracks all interface activity to individual message operations, channel activity, (or inactivity) based on your predefined rules.
innovative healthcare interoperability solutions


Interoperability is the corner stone of healthcare innovation. Corolar Cloud is the smartest and fastest means to drive clinical data enabled healthcare innovation. With Corolar Cloud you are easily able to integrate clinical systems, databases, legacy HIS, new HIEs,  and best of breed cloud and mobile apps for improving healthcare outcomes. There are three common scenarios, given below, that Corolar Cloud is used for driving interoperability to support innovation.

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Three Promising Use Cases

Connected Health Scenario 1

Integrate HIS systems using HL7 data standards

The current healthcare environment is usually full of fragmented and often isolated information systems; making interoperability especially challenging with existing healthcare integration engines when you need to connect to other HL7 systems. When you have inter-organizational HL7 systems to connect for sharing clinical data across the continuum of care, the problem is exacerbated.

Corolar Cloud offers an extremely powerful yet easy to use integration engine that is cloud native and helps to quickly design healthcare interfaces between healthcare systems that need clinical data in HL7 formats. Our cloud healthcare integration platform easily handles HL7 v2, v3, and FHIR.

Connected Health Scenario 2

Integrate HIS systems with best-of-breed cloud apps via APIs

Given the number of best of breed healthcare solutions in the market and rapid adoption of these solutions, it has become imperative to integrate them into the core HIS systems. Integrating best of breed new generation mobile or healthcare cloud solutions can be expensive, time-consuming, and fraught with technical challenges.

Corolar Cloud is the only cloud-native healthcare integration engine laser focused on clinical data integration. Because Corolar Cloud is native to cloud and healthcare, you are easily able to leverage us for integrating HL7 systems using APIs or web-services with best of breed point solutions.

Connected Health Scenario 3

Collate clinical data across systems for BI and health analytics

Integrate HL7 to CDR

Population health analytics and business intelligence are both key focus for many healthcare providers and payers. There are over 100 plus systems serving this market, they all require different data points. Even at a single provider often there are multiple BI and pop health initiatives each requiring specific data. It can quickly get very expensive and onerous for the integration team to build custom feeds of data to these disparate systems.

Corolar Cloud provides real-time access to all clinical data passing thru an organization in a normalized format in an easily accessible clinical data platform. This integration empowers analysts to efficiently use clinical data as part of their best of breed health analytics system. Similarly, healthcare application developers can easily leverage Corolar Cloud’s clinical data platform for developing custom clinical data repositories or warehouses for BI.

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