Enterprise master patient Index (EMPI)

EMPI technologies is a patient registry database. The system links and pairs patient records across disparate systems such as electronic medical records, lab systems, radiology systems and other health information systems. A strong EMPI system plays an essential role in providing healthcare organizations with an accurate and comprehensive understanding of a patient’s data. This provides medical professionals with a valuable snapshot of a patient’s medical background, allowing caregivers the ability to make important care decisions.

Traditional EMPI systems are extremely expensive from a capex and opex point of view. And from a technological point, they often cannot leverage the benefits of latest advancement in machine learning and AI to advance the performance.

Our Azure powered EMPI allows healthcare providers the ability to resolve duplicate patient records and keep demographic information in sync for patient records that are split across separate registration systems. Our EMPI is built with the features, scale and security of a cloud first world. But we have not forgotten that over 60% of IT needs in healthcare is for on-premise systems, so our product has the ability to run in a hybrid mode. This allows our EMPI to use the best of cloud advancement, while giving the familiarity that clients seek from an on-premise model.

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Dapasoft’s Azure Friendly EMPI Solution

Our EMPI is not just a patient registry with demographic information, separated by unique identifiers. It is an intelligent solution with advanced matching algorithms and machine learning capabilities.  The goal of such advanced technology feature for us was to eliminate duplicate patient registration and demographic data entries. Duplicate entries often result in a broken patient experience along the care continuum.

Our EMPI’s record locator allows an organization’s qualified users the ability to easily identify patients on care continuum. Learn more about how our leading EMPI solution can benefit your organization by booking a free demo.

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