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With a core focus on Healthcare since 2002, Dapasoft has earned a global reputation as a leader in delivering healthcare IT solutions utilizing Microsoft technology. Healthcare (HL7) integration and interoperability is the foundation of our award-winning healthcare services and we leverage our extensive healthcare integration knowledge to provide leading health analytics and portal development services.

From integrated data warehouses to patient engagement portals, we build all of our healthcare solutions utilizing enterprise-quality Microsoft technology. We pride ourselves on being the trusted technology partner for many community hospitals, health systems, and regional HIE, and healthcare organizations across the globe.

Business Intelligence & Health Analytics

Dapasoft provides business intelligence (BI) services and Health Analytics solutions that enable healthcare organizations to achieve measurable improvements by surfacing and collecting data from any clinical, financial, or health information systems. Our flexible approach to Health Analytics relies on the Microsoft analytics stack because of the pragmatic, well performing, and cost effective approach of the Microsoft technology.

We recognize that BI & Analytics and healthcare is first about ensuring you have all of the data you need at the right time, and for that reason our Health Analytics practice works very closely with our integration team on every project we deliver. Reach out and ask us about our experience and how we can help you visualize your organization through a new lens of meaningful Health Analytics.

Cloud Computing in Health

Whether you decide to use the cloud, store your data on site or choose a hybrid solution, we have the capability to meet your needs. With flexible deployment options, you can establish a flexible, scalable, reliable, and secure service delivery platform that will make service delivery seamless, automated, measurable and predictable.

With Microsoft’s Connected Health Platform, which is the implementation of the Connected Health Framework Architecture and Design Blueprint, you can rest assured that you will build a service and standards-based interoperable e-health solution that is efficient, security enhanced and scalable. This platform will allow you to meet and exceed expectations of the patients, healthcare colleagues and partner organizations, now and into the future.

SharePoint in Healthcare

SharePoint Consulting in Healthcare It

In today’s healthcare environment, it’s increasingly important to share the most up to date information with colleagues independent of location or device. By using the SharePoint platform (either on premise, or in the cloud) Dapasoft builds solutions that allow your knowledge workers to connect, collaborate and share information vital to the goal of successful patient outcomes. By using technology toolsets and equipment that your staff are already familiar with, we make it easy to collaborate, allowing you to focus on patient care instead of learning complicated new software.

Having over a decade of experience with SharePoint, and a team dedicated to delivering healthcare solutions with SharePoint, we have gained a lot of experience. Please feel free to ask us about our projects and success stories to understand if we have the experience to help you take advantage of the Microsoft SharePoint platform to benefit patient care in your organization.

Healthcare Integration Solutions & Services

As we strive to improve the quality of patient care, there is an increasing focus on quality, cost efficiency, and healthcare integration across the continuum of care. Healthcare organizations are shifting towards an interoperable environment where various clinical and enterprise systems seamlessly communicate and provide users with real-time and complete data when they need it most.

With the help of our Corolar Integration Engine, we can simplify your interface environment by connecting internal and external clinical systems and provide you with the resources and solutions you need to enhance your organization’s growth. Additionally, we offer a wide range of integration services regardless of your integration strategy.

Corolar Integration Engine

Corolar, built on Microsoft BizTalk, is an Interface Lifecycle Management solution that not only accelerates the specification and development of healthcare information system interfaces, but also simplifies the maintenance and management of production interfaces. Corolar has a core focus on healthcare but integrates beyond health data by providing many OOTB integrations with financial, corporate and other leading enterprise solutions. With well over a decade of real world healthcare experience, Corolar has integrated EPIC, McKesson, MEDITECH, Cerner and Siemens and many others with PACS, Pharmacy, LAB, HIEs, EHRs, EMRs, etc.

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Hybrid Cloud Integration Services with Azure for Healthcare

Key features from BizTalk Server such as Connectors (File, HTTP, etc.) EDI, XML validation, transformation, Business Rules engine and others are provided as API Apps.

Dapasoft’s Azure Health Integration Services provides scalable healthcare integration toolkits to accelerate the implementation of integration solutions built on standards, such as HL7 v2, v3, CCDA, and others.

Furthermore, our solution consists of Interface dashboards focused on the operational needs of managing a complex healthcare integration environment in Azure.

  • HL7 v2 Parser. Flexible parser with features such as schema driven validation, free text support, acknowledgement processing.
  • MLLP Connectors to receive and send HL7 v2 messages
  • Interface Dashboard for management of Interfaces (Logic Apps, API Apps, etc.). Support for key operational requirements such as Real time Interface status, audits, code set management and others
  • Toolkit for healthcare standards, such as HL7 v3, CDA, and CCDA

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