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Dapasoft serves clients in a variety of public and private sectors providing a range of IT consulting services – from custom software development to consulting to networking. Our professionals specialize in design, development, integration and deployment of custom business .NET IT solutions – all of the tools necessary to help our clients achieve excellence in their business endeavours.

Application Integration

Developing custom solutions

When our customers envision a solution, the rely on us to turn their vision into reality through the pragmatic use of existing applications and the appropriate addition of new technologies. Our team applies global knowledge to integrate solutions for superior customer satisfaction. Dapasoft can provide you with a robust, end-to-end integration roadmap that will help you plan for and meet all of your future IT solution needs.

Business Intelligence

Our BI services include information integration, data management and data warehousing – all designed to improve the speed and quality of your organization’s decision making processes, regulatory compliance, financial management and customer service. Dapasoft’s BI solutions are designed to facilitate confident decision making at all levels of your organization, allowing you to concentrate on achieving organizational goals.

BI and health analytics

Custom Development

Our flexible solutions can help your organization save time and money by harnessing the power of the latest technologies. Available on stand-alone, client/server and web-based architectures, our custom solutions are designed to expand with new functionality as your organization grows. Our track record is second to none in sustaining the highest development standards through stringent attention to quality assurance.

Portals & Collaboration

More and more, today’s organizations are faced with the ever increasing challenge and demand of improving business process efficiency and employee productivity. In a world where collaboration is king, it is becoming apparent that working in ‘silos’ is an antiquated process. The answer to this problem is collaborative portals; by allowing employees and business units to work together, your organization will see increased efficiency, improved workflow, and reduced costs.

patient and physician collaboration

Mobile Development

Developing health app on mobile technology

Many organizations are at the point now where employees and customers are simply demanding mobile solutions. One can no longer sit back and wait for the mobile market to change, the time to embrace mobile technology is upon us. Regardless of the platform, Dapasoft can help you achieve your mobile solution requirements by relying on our experience and skills with iOS, Android, Windows, and other related mobile technologies.

Cloud Services

Helping to guide you through the many choices of the cloud is where we begin to help you. The cloud is still relatively new, and many organizations are planning a future where cloud based solutions and on-premise solutions work together. Being an early adopter of working with cloud based solutions means we have built the experience and knowledge to ensure that you make the right choices that lead to a seamless transition to realizing the cost and operational benefits of the cloud as quick as possible.

Health IT services in Cloud

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