J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Set to Attract 9,000 Attendees in Annual Gathering

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Set to Attract 9,000 Attendees in Annual Gathering

The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference kicked off on Monday in San Francisco. The conference is the biggest annual healthcare event in the world and rightly so, as more than 9,000 attendees are expected to take part in the conference this year. It is holy ground for healthcare companies looking to present and drive change in the healthcare space. This year, more than 450 companies from biotech, pharma, insurance and hospital systems are participating and presenting.

The conference has come a long way from 1983 when its first edition was hosted. At that time only 20 companies had attended the conference with just 200 attendees. Today, however, the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference helps shape and drive issues of importance for healthcare companies for the year.
From healthcare service providers to pharmaceutical firms, the conference is a playfield for everything related to healthcare.

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This year, Health IT is expected to make big news at the conference. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon have recently started to invest heavily in healthcare and especially into health IT and that is expected to drive a lot of interest at the conference.

New entrants from technology sector like Amazon is developing a machine learning tool which mines patient data and puts them in direct competition with traditional Health IT companies like AllScripts and Cerner. Moreover, entry of new digital therapy companies are also expected to impact the current value chain.

All these new entrants working with existing EHR system raises significant interoperability challenges. At the conference Issues like interoperability in healthcare and the need to consolidate multiple data standards are also expected to drive a big audience. Similarly, solutions like managed care are also expected to make headlines at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference as healthcare service providers and payors look to tackle the menace of rising costs.

BORN Changing Maternal Health in Ontario

BORN Changing Maternal Health in Ontario

BORN Conference 2017

BORN Conference 2017 in Toronto during the High Park Sakura

BORN Conference 2017 in Toronto

The BORN 2017 conference was in Toronto during the cherry blossoms season in High Park, also know as the Sakura. Over 200+ attendees came to the conference from across Ontario. The keynote speaker was Dr. Neel Shah. Neel is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Delivery Decisions Initiative at the Ariadne Labs for Health Systems Innovation. He is an expert in designing, testing, and spreading system interventions that improve the safety, affordability, and experience during pregnancy and childbirth. He is a co-author of a recently published book on value base healthcare focused on using data to improve the value of healthcare.

Neel and other speakers at the BORN conference presented the importance of data-driven decision making. This approach is not new to healthcare providers and researchers in Ontario using Born Information System (BIS) for researching maternal and perinatal health. Since 2012 there has been an extensive amount of information coming into BIS; roughly about 3,000 entries a day cataloging 140,000 births which account for are about 40% of all births in Canada. The data comes from different sources all playing a critical role in the pregnancy journey. The sources of data to BIS include fertility clinics, prenatal and newborn screening labs, specialized antenatal clinics, birthing hospitals (including NICUs), birthing centers, midwifery practice groups, prenatal and neonatal screening follow-up clinics, primary care settings and autism treatment centers.

This extensive longitudinal health data set is one of the most comprehensive in Canada, if not globally. There are over six KPIs that BORN team and ON healthcare providers have been working on tracking for the last five years. At the conference, Dr. Sandra Dunn presented the research study done by BORN team on maternal-newborn care practices and outcomes across Ontario based on the use of Maternal-Newborn Dashboard (MND), for all hospitals providing maternal-newborn care. The big takeaway is four of the six KPIs have been shown to have a positive impact on the health of Ontario women and children.

The two-day conference was both inspiring and insightful for every Dapasoft team member who attended the event. As an organization, we are humbled to play a small role using our Corolar Platform and health analytics capabilities to help BORN advance healthcare for all Ontario citizens. The Most exciting news from the BORN 2017 Conference was the announcement made by Mari Teitelbaum that during the two days BORN Information System recorded the 1 millionth birth in Ontario!